General Questions

Painting Mayne Products

We do not recommend painting our products. Our products are manufactured from polyethylene, which is an oil-based plastic. We have found that paint typically does not adhere to it very well; it tends to peel and flake off over time.

There is a paint on the market that is called “Fusion for Plastic” made by Krylon, which some of our customers have used with success. Please be advised that painted products cannot be returned and that painting the product will also void the warranty.

Our Yorkshire model window boxes are made of vinyl and can be painted with any paint designed for use on vinyl. Painting our Yorkshire models will not affect their warranty.

Material of Mayne Products

When creating any product, the quality of the material makes all the difference. That’s why we only use 100% high-quality polyethylene resin sourced from the United States and Canada.

We only purchase material from industry-leading resin suppliers to ensure our products maintain the highest level of consistency. Unlike other garden products, Mayne products do not require painting, staining, or any other additional preparation.

We’re confident in the quality of our material and back our products with a 15-year residential warranty.

Warranty Information

Claim Handling

If materials or manufacturing workmanship are found to be defective, Mayne will at its sole discretion either replace the defective material or refund the product. Labor, installation and any similar costs are excluded specifically, and shall not be paid by Mayne in any event.

Warranty Coverage

Our warranty extends to any defects in materials and workmanship.

Other Warranty Considerations

The manufacturer of this product does not recommend or approve this product for all possible end-use applications. Your local Code Authority should be consulted regarding its safety and applicability for intended usage.

This warranty gives you specific and legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state, or province to province.

Not Covered by Warranty

Our warranty does not extend to:

● Damage caused by failure to comply with Mayne installation guidelines, by faulty installation, improper application, or in violation of codes or restrictions.
● Damage attributable to fire, violent storms, earthquake, ground movement or any other casualties; or to exposure of atmospheric pollutants or conditions other than natural weathering processes.
● Damage or discoloration due to misuse, abuse, improper storage, impact of objects, or to the alteration of the product by applied heat or welding, by contact with solvents, epoxies, paints, chemicals or other substances; or by other physical or material alterations.
● Damage caused by Animals and/or Wildlife
● Natural fading that occurs over time due to normal weathering.
● Any materials not manufactured or supplied by Mayne.
● Cost of installation, removal, labor, freight and similar related costs.
● Any incidental or consequential damages.

Length of Warranty Effectiveness

All molded products are covered by warranty for 15-years Residential / 5-year Commercial.

Only applicable with the original owner of the real estate upon which this product is used.

All hardware related items are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.


Missing a part of your mail post?

All Mayne Mail posts (with the exception of the Bradford) ship in 2 separate boxes; the Mailbox support Arm, and the Decorative Post. It is common for the boxes to be separated in transit and you will often receive the 2nd package within 1-2 business days of delivery of the 1st.

If you do not receive both boxes after a few days please call our Customer Service Department at (toll-free) 1-866-363-8834, and we would be happy to assist you.

Please note that if you purchased a Mailbox or an address plaque with your mail post, these parts will be shipping from a separate Manufacturer. If you have any inquiries regarding receipt of these items, we recommend contacting the company you made your purchase through.

Missing Installation Hardware?

If you are missing any installation hardware, please review the instruction sheet that was included with your new Mayne product. At the top of the instruction sheet, you will see a “Materials List” heading. Please compare hardware received to hardware on the instruction sheet. In the case of any missing parts, please contact our Customer Service Department and we will be more than happy to send any parts that were not included.


Phone: 1-866-363-8834

Note: 4×4 wood post, mailbox, and mailbox mounting hardware NOT included with any Mayne Mail Posts or Address Signs. You can purchase these items at any local hardware store in your area.

Shipping Damage?

We are sorry to hear your item was damaged during shipping but don’t worry we would love to assist you. Please send images of the damaged product as well as the damaged box to our Customer Service Department at for further assessment. Once the images are reviewed our Customer Service team will determine the course of action.

If our Customer Service Team determines your item to be damaged during shipping a replacement item will be sent to you at no charge and we will update you with the tracking information.

For further assistance please call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-363-8834.

Returns & Exchanges

Not satisfied with your purchase?

We’d be happy to process a return for you within 30 days from the date of purchase. The returned product must be in the original packaging and in unused, re-sellable condition in order to receive credit. Proof of purchase is required.

Please contact our customer service department with proof of purchase and they will send you a return label. Once all packages are labeled, please drop them off at your nearest FedEx Drop-off location for return shipping. FedEx parcels can also be dropped off at any Walgreen’s location.

Please be advised that credit may be denied if the returned product is in used condition or is not in the original packaging.

Once the product has been received back to our warehouse and verified in good condition, a refund for the full amount of your order will be applied to your credit card.

Purchased a Mayne product through an online vendor?

If you’ve purchased a Mayne product through one of our online vendors, you will need to adhere to their return policy. Please reach out to the vendor directly to arrange your return.

How to make a warranty claim:

Please send photos of the product to our customer service department. Our quality control and warranty team will review the concern and determine if an exchange/replacement is warranted.

Please note, if the product was not purchased directly from, we are unable to provide a refund. However, we are happy to exchange any items that are determined to have warranty defects.

Important steps:

Please be sure to showcase the area of concern when sending in photos. For example, our window boxes have an overflow drainage hole built into them that allows excess water to drain out. If you’re noticing water leaking from a second location, please be sure to highlight the second location in your photo.

Proof of purchase is required. If you purchase a Mayne item through one of our online vendors, we will likely have a record of your shipment. In that case, you will only need to provide your name and the address that the order was shipped to. If you purchased through Amazon or in a brick & mortar store, we would need a screenshot of your order confirmation and or purchase receipt.

Planters & Window Boxes

Removing Your Window Box

The trick to removing your Mayne Window Box from its mounting brackets is to use something flat like a flat head screwdriver to “pry” the bottom of the window box from the brackets. Once you have the window box popped out from the mounting brackets, you should be able to slide the window box out and remove it from the side of your home.

Still have questions? Send us an email to and we would be happy to send you further information and photos detailing this process.

Filler Material Options

 When planting, we recommend using a “Lightweight Filler” to decrease the overall weight of the planter. Larger planters and window boxes can take bags and bags of soil which is not only expensive but can also be very heavy. For window boxes, this puts extra stress on the mounting brackets holding your box up. The weight of the soil is heavy to move and may also cause issues of the weight compressing and compacting the soil affecting drainage and root growth. To solve these issues try using a lightweight filler to fill the bottom of your planters.

What can be used?

● Styrofoam packing peanuts (NON-BIODEGRADEABLE) or other broken up Styrofoam packaging

● Empty Water/pop Bottles with the lids on

● Pearlite or Vermiculite

● Lava rock

Optional Fill Port Hole Explained

The basic purpose of the fill/port hole is to give direct access to the reservoir in order to fill it faster or drain it entirely. This is a completely optional feature and if you would prefer to not drill into your planter it will still function normally.

To cover the hole, we have included a rubber plug that can be easily removed to fill or drain the planter as needed. The reservoir will still fill without the hole by excess water filtering through the soil.

Draining the Excess Water

Once the reservoir of your planter is filled to capacity, water will start seeping out of the overflow drain hole. Always make sure there is a clear passageway out of the drainage hole to ensure water can escape.

This overflow drainage hole is manufactured/pre-drilled in all our window boxes and planters.

Our Tall Planters require you to drill your own drainage hole. The hole is not pre-drilled in our tall planters so they can be used indoors if you would like.

How do I know when the water reservoir is full?

Once the water starts seeping out of the overflow drain hole, the reservoir is full. Always make sure there is a clear passageway out of the drainage hole to ensure water can escape.

The Overflow drain hole is manufactured/pre-drilled in all of our window boxes and Patio Planters.

Our Tall Planters require you to drill your own drainage hole. The hole is not pre-drilled in our tall planters so you can use it indoors if you would like.

Can I use my window box on the ground?

All our window boxes are molded with the back matching the front so that they can be used as independent planters and be viewed from all sides. The window boxes also have small “feet” on the base of the window box that prevents the overflow drainage from being blocked when used on the ground.

Bulging Planter or Window Box?

When a Planter or Window Box begins to bulge out, it is typically due to a drainage issue. (see How does my planter drain excess water?) Please check the underside of your Planter/Box to ensure that nothing is blocking the drainage hole. If you find that there is a blockage, go ahead and clear the hole using something long and pointy (a coat hanger wire or something to that effect, should do the trick). Water should then be expelled through the drainage hole.

The material Mayne products are made from has an incredible memory, so after the water drains from the planter, it will slowly return to its original form. Leaving the window box or planter out in a warm, sunny area can help to speed up this process!

If this method of clearing the blockage is unsuccessful, the easiest solution to the problem would be to drill another small hole in the backside of the planter/box for extra drainage. This option is also recommended for those who may have their boxes situated in an area that receives a moderate amount of rainfall.

Winter Storage Tips for Planters

Mayne products are designed to last in all types of weather conditions – they can even be left outside during the winter months. Just be sure that your planters are draining properly and remove as much water from them as possible by tilting them slightly towards the overflow drain hole.

If you do decide to bring them in, here are some Winter Storage tips:

● Remove all plants, flowers, and soil from the patio planters or window boxes.

● Remove window boxes from their brackets by angling the bottom portion toward you while pulling them out.

● For best results, clean your planters and window boxes by spraying them with a high-pressure washer.

● Remove as much water as possible by turning the planter or window box over and shifting it from side to side. Note: It will be nearly impossible to remove all of the water from the reservoir.

● Tall planters can be emptied completely by removing the insert tray and dumping the water out.

Mayne Patio Planters can be stored outdoors or in your garage or shed without worry. Even with some water left in the reservoir, there is no risk of cracking as our double-walled design will allow room for the water to expand when freezing.

Don’t let the cold and snow deter you from using your Mayne planters! Try dressing them up with some greenery or holiday ornaments to add some color to your home and garden during the winter months!

Customizing the size of your Yorkshire Window Box

The Yorkshire Window Box is available in 7 sizes from 2 to 8 feet. At Mayne we understand not all windows are the same size and customization may be required for our customers desired look.

Step 1: Dry fit the window box (pre-assembled without any glue). Hold the window box in place and measure the preferred width of the box.

Step 2: Take apart the front, back, and bottom panels. Mark off the desired cut lengths using a marker and a straight edge. (Example: You purchased a 3FT Window box, but your window is only 32inches in length- simply cut off 4 inches).

Step 3: Using a fine-toothed saw cut the panels along the line created by the marker. Be sure to use a proper blade that is able to cut plastic.

Step 4: Make sure that all 3 panels have been cut to the exact same length. Once this is confirmed refer to the Yorkshire Window Box instruction sheet for final assembly.

Adding Casters or Wheels to your Planter?

We do not recommend adding casters/wheels to the bottom of our planters. Each of our planters has a double-walled design creating our water reservoir feature; the plastic walls are about 1/8” thick and the section directly beneath the floor of the planter is hollow so that it may be filled with water. Drilling holes in the bottom would ruin the water reservoir feature and there would be nothing to drill into to keep the casters in place.

Please note making any structural changes to the Planters would also void the 15-year warranty offered with our products.

A great solution for making your heavy planters mobile would be to create a platform for them to sit on and attaching the casters to the bottom of the platform. A platform can be made from a piece of pressure-treated plywood cut so that it is just slightly smaller than the base of your planter.

Another handy idea would be to add a lightweight filler which would make your Planter lighter and easier to move without any additional hardware or modifications.

Mail Posts & Lamp Posts

Recommended Mailboxes

When picking out a mailbox for our mail posts, the physical dimensions of the mailbox are less important than the actual weight of the mailbox.

Newport, Westbrook, or Charleston Mail Posts:

For these models, we recommend a mailbox that is no heavier than 8 lbs. We have found that the following manufacturers offer a number of mailbox options that will work well with these particular posts:

Metal Mailboxes – 

Plastic Mailboxes –

Dover, Signature Plus, Charleston Plus, and Rockport Mail Posts:

For these models, we recommend a mailbox that is no heavier than 12 lbs. We have found that the following manufacturers offer a number of mailbox options that will work well with these particular posts:

Salisbury –

Postal Pro –

Gibraltar –

While there is no single specific mailbox that we recommend for any of our mail posts, as that is a personal preference, the above manufacturers have a wide selection that many of our customers have paired up with our mail posts and the results are fantastic!

Note: Some of these manufacturers do not sell direct to customers, but their products are widely available online, as well as in many major retailers like Lowe’s & Home Depot.

Hanging an Address Sign from your Lamp Post

Our Liberty Lamp Post can be paired with our “standard arm” support bracket (can be found on our accessories page), from which an address plaque can be hung. The arm attachment will not work with our Signature Lamp Post as the inset panel within which the arm would sit is a little too narrow.

Our lamp posts are designed as a decorative sleeve to slide over an existing lamp post or can be purchased with the 3” diameter aluminum pipe for a new installation. When installing the bracket on the lamp post, be sure to use screws that are able to tap into the metal pipe that is inside the decorative sleeve (being careful not to hit any wires). It is important that a connection is made with the metal pipe inside so that it can support the weight of the sign.

Please note that this is a custom installation. This arm was not specifically designed for this use and we, therefore, cannot make any guarantees on the performance of this installation.

Electrical Outlet Installation on Lamp Post

While this is not something we have tested ourselves, it could certainly be done with the help of a certified electrician and a little modification to the post. The material that the post is made of can be cut fairly easily using a fine tooth saw or regular utility knife to make an opening for the outlet. The base of the post should have enough room to accommodate a standard small outdoor outlet, as this section of the post measures about 9.5” in width and 6.5” in height, and there is roughly 3.5” of space available on each side of the aluminum pipe within the post.

Any questions regarding the mounting or wiring of the outlet should be directed to your local electrician. Please be advised that once any modifications are made to the lamp post it cannot be returned and the warranty will be voided.

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