Prizes for Our Winners

  • $500.00

    1st Place

  • $300.00

    2nd Place

  • $200.00

    3rd Place

Photo Contest Guidelines

Contest rules & notes:

• This annual contest runs from January 1st to December 31st. We’ll announce the winners at the beginning of the year.

• To qualify, images must be high resolution (300dpi, min 2000×2000 pixels).

• Additional photos and angles may be requested. All submitted photos will become property of Mayne Inc. Winners will be featured on our website and social media.

• Cash prizes will be distributed up to 90 days after the announcement.

• Winners will be contacted by email.

Tips & Tricks

• Photograph your Mayne planter in a natural setting. Consider spaces like next to your front door or on a backyard deck.

• Give your planter a quick wipe down with your garden hose and a gentle cloth to make sure it’s as clean as possible.

• Take the photo with and without the flash. Depending on the distance you’re taking the picture from, it can either help fill the photo or create a harsh shadow, so take the picture both ways.

• When taking photos, avoid direct sunlight. A cloudy day is always better.If you’re looking to “set the scene” take your photo from a short distance. This will help to portray an atmosphere.

• We recommend using a digital camera to ensure large high-resolution photos for all submissions.

Photo Contest Form

We’re passionate about designing products that meet your unique style needs, but most of all, we love seeing those products come to life in your homes. Submit a picture of your Mayne products and enter below.